Issues resolved in update 251 (released 14 April 2022)

LVI0717 Base system update
LVI0715 Security update - Address TLS Versioning.
LVI0708 Improved Netflow support.

Issues resolved in update 249 (released 6 April 2018)

LVI0701 Security update - Address reflected XSS.
LVI0696 Added Netflow support.

Issues resolved in update 248 (released 1 June 2015)

LVI0692 Security update - address Poodle vulnerability (CVE-2014-3566).

Issues resolved in update 246 (released 18 August 2014)

LVI0685 Security update - address heartbleed vulnerability in OpenSSL (CVE-2014-0160).
LVI0679 Mail relay update.

Issues resolved in update 244 (released 6 March 2014)

LVI0663 Fixed a legacy issue with case with user ids.
LVI0662 Enhanced cleaning system for user data and manual purge of AD User details added to Service manager.

Issues resolved in update 243 (released 2 October 2013)

LVI0655 Fixed an issue with permissions for the reports and masterreports user.
LVI0653 Improved DSCP tagging in the caching system
LVI0652 Added support for time-based rules.
LVI0650 Added support for LucidView Category Blocking.

Issues resolved in update 237 (released 19 June 2013)

LVI0648 Fixed an issue resulting from an upstream YouTube change.

Issues resolved in update 236

LVI0645 Internal optimizations

Issues resolved in update 235 (released 12 March 2013)

LVI0643 Mail reporting fixes and improvements
LVI0642 System upgrades to allow for 10 interface devices
LVI0640 Improved caching
LVI0639 Fix duplicate email reports issue

Issues resolved in update 214 (released 29 August 2012)

LVI0637 The HTML template editor has been replaced with a newer version.
LVI0635 Fixed an issue where NTLM autologins failed to the reporting interface.
LVI0633 Added a mail reporting test mail feature
LVI0631 Fixes an issue where start and end date is flipped in web reporting test mails
LVI0630 Fixed an issue where spurious emails were reported when consolidated on the CC.

Issues resolved in update 213 (released 19 July 2012)

LVI0626 Fixes an issue with AD Group logins on the administrative and reporting interface.
LVI0625 Adds the ability to filter by AD Group for AD Group match lists in the caching system.
LVI0624 Optimized Command Center reporting queries

Issues resolved in update 211 (released 6 June 2012)

LVI0623 Fixes an issue that may prevent a Command Center from booting.
LVI0622 Removes temporary files that are no longer necessary.

Issues resolved in update 210 (released 13 April 2012)

LVI0621 Fixes an issue when enabling AD Group login using an LDAP server.
LVI0620 Fixes an error experienced with Chrome when enabling/disabling firewall rules.
LVC0619 Fixes a critical security issue in the authentication system.

Issues resolved in update 207 (released 27 March 2012)

LVI0615 Increase resource limits to proxy and firewall.
LVI0614 Fixes an error which may cause duplicate mail reporting.

Issues resolved in update 203 (released 5 September 2011)

LVI0612 LDAP integration has been improved.
LVI0611 An issue with port objects that have disappeared has been fixed.
LVI0610 In the postrouting firewall rules, DSCP match is now used in stead of proxy match.
LVI0609 Proxy now allows more concurrent connections.
LVI0607 Added SIP tracking module for firewall

Issues resolved in update 199 (released 7 June 2011)

LVI0605 Routing tables are now stricter and no longer transparently inherit routes from parent tables.
LVI0604 Shaping priorities validates input and prevents incorrect settings from applying.
LVI0603 The proxy will now alert on license expiry.
LVI0602 Wider compatibility with LDAP authentication sources.
LVI0600 Email reporting improved.
LVI0599 Improve handling of applications that fail to authenticate correctly
LVI0597 MTU management settings added, including clamping MSS to MTU
LVI0596 SYN flood protection can now be enabled to combat DDoS
LVI0594 Fixed an issue where shared objects failed to propagate from the Command Centre.
LVI0593 NTLM Authentication system is updated to be compatible with Windows 2008 R2
LVI0592 LDAP-backed Digest authentication scheme added for browser clients
LVI0590 New kernel with security updates

Issues resolved in update 190 (released 9 November 2010)

LVI0587 Updated reporting system
LVI0586 Browsing report now prompts for a date range before displaying data.
LVI0585 SMART checks now run less frequently and with lower impact on performance.
LVI0583 An issue was fixed in creating the High Availability relationship

Issues resolved in update 188 (released 5 October 2010)

LVI0581 The default browsing report page now opens up on the previous hour's browsing.
LVI0580 Improvements in caching reports.
LVI0579 Pairing status now also shows interface errors
LVI0577 AD groups now handle multiple groups like expected.
LVI0576 Improved YouTube and selected video site caching.
LVI0575 Specific IP interface objects are now created for HA scenarios
LVI0573 RAID repair can be initiated by a user if the correct conditions are met
LVI0572 Sibling mode now uses HTCP between proxies in stead of ICP

Issues resolved in update 185 (released 6 August 2010)

LVI0570 The Command Centre uses memory more efficiently
LVI0569 Dashboard is now more resilient to interrupted connections.
LVI0567 Alerts are now no longer triggered on the threshold level
LVI0564 Improvements in pairing and reporting
LVI0563 Proxy subsystem has been updated
LVI0561 Bridging feature has been enabled

Issues resolved in update 180 (released 25 May 2010)

LVI0560 Apply new kernel.
LVI0559 When a shaping class limit is set to zero, the traffic of that class will be effectively blocked

Issues resolved in update 178 (released 24 February 2010)

LVI0545 New shaping list type added that requires less CPU
LVI0543 Caching implemented for DNS lookups in the firewall rules
LVI0542 Port ranges are allowed in firewall rules
LVI0541 Semicolons can now separate email addresses for alerts

Issues resolved in update 176 (released 19 February 2010)

LVI0540 Proxy, authentication subsystem and internal database has been updated to the newest version
LVI0536 Proxy reports have been optimized

Issues resolved in update 172 (released 14 January 2010)

LVI0535 Guardian internal web access (Updates, environmental testers, etc.) will now use the "AD Search Name" to authenticate and be logged as such.
LVI0534 Packet and email capture system has been added.
LVI0532 Optimizations has been done to the pairing between Command Centre and Guardian.

Issues resolved in update 167 (released 17 November 2009)

LVI0530 The Guardian's base software has been updated. This includes features, stability fixes, performance and interoperability enhancements.
LVI0529 The ability to prioritise TCP ACK packets has been added.
LVI0528 A convenient way to disable shaping has been added.
LVI0527 An auto-update mechanism has been added.
LVI0525 IP Objects now report where they are being used.
LVI0524 The configuration interface Javascript has been updated.
LVI0523 Email reporting has been updated.
LVI0522 Access control in the proxy is now available based on whether an object is in the cache or not.
LVI0519 Four extra proxy category/shaping classes are now available.
LVI0518 Shape lists can now be renamed.
LVI0516 The Command Centre shares more policy elements with paired Guardians.
LVI0515 Policy elements can be configured per device on the Command Centre.
LVI0514 Individual tests emails for browsing usage can be generated.
LVI0513 DNS test queries have been added.
LVI0512 Raw proxy information can be viewed.
LVI0510 A live traffic view has been added that allows an administrator to view immediate transfer information.

Issues resolved in update 144 (released 8 September 2009)

LVI0502 Added support for DVMRP multicast routing
LVI0448 Spreadsheet export line limit is now customizable

Issues resolved in update 141 (released 29 April 2009)

LVI0446 Added the functionality to transparently proxy FTP connections
LVC0444 Fixed an issue which might cause rare reboots on Generation I platforms.

Issues resolved in update 140 (released 30 March 2009)

LVI0443 Improved cache CPU efficency
LVI0442 Implemented a workaround for badly written HTTP/1.1 applications
LVI0441 Fixed an issue with traffic reporting

Issues resolved in update 139 (released 3 March 2009)

LVI0440 Updated proxy and authentication subsystem
LVI0438 Increased Excel export rows
LVI0437 Updated default configuration
LVI0435 Updated DNS blacklists for mail relay
LVI0434 Improved LDAP integration
LVI0433 Enables enhanced parent proxies for core Guardian
LVI0431 Improved details for mail reporting

Issues resolved in update 135 (released 10 November 2008)

LVI0429 Fixed an issue with case sensitive AD logins
LVI0428 Improved efficiency of the proxy subsystem under extreme load

Issues resolved in update 131 (released 22 August 2008)

LVI0426 Updated the VPN subsystem
LVI0425 Fixed an issue with shared IP Objects
LVI0423 Fixed an issue with mail attachment classification
LVI0422 Updated AD authentication system
LVC0420 Update DNS service

Issues resolved in update 114 (released 11 June 2008)

LVI0418 Feature enhancements in PAC file generation
LVI0417 Proxy Core has been updated
LVI0416 Mail relay enhanced
LVI0414 VPN supported in Enhanced Guardian
LVI0412 High Availability supported in Enhanced Guardian
LVI0409 Active Directory diagnostics has been improved
LVI0408 Windows 2008 Server and Windows Vista Client support has been improved

Issues resolved in update 109 (released 25 February 2008)

LVI0400 The Guardian's base software has been updated. This includes features, stability fixes, performance and interoperability enhancements.
LVI0406 Dashboard is more configurable
LVI0405 Autotuning has been added
LVI0404 Name server override capability has been added
LVI0403 Graphing and reporting module has been updated
LVI0402 Destination ports allowed on the cache are now configurable
LVI0401 Smarthost settings for mail relaying can be selectively overridden
LVI0329 Recovery console added to keyboard/screen interface

Issues resolved in update 78 (released 5 December 2007)

LVI0327 Fixes an issue with ranking in email reports

Issues resolved in update 77 (released 30 November 2007)

LVI0326 Improve email reporting

Issues resolved in update 76 (released 12 November 2007)

LVI0325 Improvements made in the pairing protocol
LVI0324 Updated internal DNS cache
LVI0323 Increased the accuracy of ranks reported in emails
LVI0320 More accurate temperature reporting on certain hardware models
LVI0318 Command Centre now reports drive physical warnings
LVI0317 Updated Audit file generation system
LVI0315 Fixed a problem that might cause the Download Manager to appear

Issues resolved in update 75 (released 29 October 2007)

LVI0313 New kernel with updated hardware support

Issues resolved in update 70 (released 29 October 2007)

LVI0312 Fixes a bug in the web page load time graph
LVI0311 Update to make proxy more tolerant of unreliable parent proxies
LVI0310 Database upgrade
LVI0309 Refresh management structures

Issues resolved in update 68 (released Sep 28 2007)

LVI0304 Issues with restoring to default configuration resolved
LVI0303 New feature added to fetch remote updates
LVI0301 Performs consistency checking on Pre- and Post-routing.
LVI0300 Raw logs can now be exported to Excel
LVI0298 Hard drive physical failure prediction improved
LVI0294 CPU usage now alerts the Command Centre for different types of load
LVI0292 Fixed an issue with email reports when a manager changes
LVI0290 Improved graphing autoscale

Issues resolved in update 66 (released Aug 20 2007)

LVI0287 Displays MD5 of the audit files
LVI0286 Added a mail relay status graph
LVI0284 Fixed an issue where graphs could be incorrectly displayed
LVI0283 Added a manager/user email report status page
LVI0280 Fixed an issue with manager/user emails

Issues resolved in update 60 (released Jul 25 2007)

LVI0278 The proxy upstream timeout has been extended from 3 minutes to 15 minutes
LVI0277 Updated country code information
LVI0276 Excel export limited to 2000 rows and includes time
LVI0274 Extended database cache
LVI0272 Further optimization of browsing report queries

Issues resolved in update 57 (released Jul 2 2007)

LVI0271 Removed the default "reports" and "mreports" users.
LVI0270 Fixed an issue that affects some configuration backing up and restoring.
LVI0269 Optimized browsing report queries
LVI0268 Enabled compression on the administrative interface for browsers that support it
LVI0266 Fixed an issue where the service cache might get corrupted
LVI0264 Disabled the use of CTRL-ALT-DEL to reboot the Guardian

Issues resolved in update 56 (released Jun 11 2007)

LVC0262 Fixed a problem that might occur when restarting several services simultaneously
LVI0261 Added monitoring for mail queue length
LVI0259 Added network connection monitor
LVI0258 Updated several internal services to newer versions

Issues resolved in update 50 (released Apr 26 2007)

LVI0257 Fixed an issue with backing up configuration
LVI0256 Increased proxy authentication performance

Issues resolved in update 47 (released Apr 06 2007)

LVI0253 Allow for more time in uploading updates.
LVI0252 Updated manager name resolution.
LVI0251 Resolved issue with pairing status refresh in Internet Explorer.
LVI0250 Improved reporting on server status.

Issues resolved in update 44 (released Mar 19 2007)

LVI0249 Pairing with a command centre has been optimized
LVI0248 Hard-drive self-check and status report has been improved
LVI0247 CSV export and import is now available for IP Objects, cache lists and cache patterns
LVI0246 The Guardian now displays an end-user license agreement
LVI0243 AD SSO NTLM login is available on the interface for automatic login.
LVI0241 MS Excel export has been improved
LVI0239 Clipboard integration has been implemented for browsing usage reports
LVI0238 Browsing usage reports have been optimised for speed
LVI0236 Proxy authentication for specific remote sites may be disabled
LVI0235 The shaping lists have been extended and updated.

Issues resolved in update 42 (released Mar 20 2007)

LVI0225 The Guardian's base software has been updated. This includes stability fixes, performance and interoperability enhancements.
LVI0224 The "Marking" tab under the firewall rules have been removed. Shaping is now available directly on firewall rules.
LVI0223 A complete, involatile audit trail has been made available to track any configuration changes
LVI0221 The "reports" and "mreports" user can now view the firewall ruleset
LVI0220 Ethernet duplex mode, speed and autonegotiation can now be set on the interfaces
LVI0218 Improved the Dashboard service
LVI0217 The state of the AD authentication service is now reported to the Command Centre
LVI0215 Implemented the ability to disable detailed logging to increase performance
LVI0213 The Proxy-ARP feature can be disabled when the Guardian is not used as a bridge
LVI0212 Stricter version control for configuration backups
LVI0210 Enhanced the raw log analysis view

Issues resolved in update 31 (released Jan 24 2007)

LVI0194 Added a dashboard feature that provides continuous monitoring.

Issues resolved in update 30 (released Dec 14 2006)

LVI0193 Added a service that allows the restart of the AD Authentication service

Issues resolved in update 29 (released Dec 07 2006)

LVI0192 Fixed a potential problem with the download manager

Issues resolved in update 28 (released Nov 30 2006)

LVI0190 Added auto routing ordering

Issues resolved in update 27 (released Nov 27 2006)

LVI0188 Introduced application accelerator

Issues resolved in update 26 (released Nov 23 2006)

LVI0186 Updated output logging
LVI0185 Revised default factory configuration
LVI0184 Fixed a problem with the Download Manager

Issues resolved in update 25 (released Nov 21 2006)

LVI0181 Revised default factory configuration
LVI0179 Fixed problem when logging long URLs

Issues resolved in update 24 (released Nov 14 2006)

LVI0178 Added more override options for domain controllers

Issues resolved in update 23 (released Nov 01 2006)

LVI0176 Improved logging functionality
LVI0174 Added USB key features
LVI0173 Improved capability to join to the AD
LVI0158 Slightly reordered startup services
LVC0157 Fixed a critical problem in the watchdog routine

Issues resolved in update 21 (released Oct 25 2006)

LVI0170 Fixed a user interface issue in the Edit Groups dialog.
LVI0167 Added NTLM auto-login capability to the front-end.
LVI0165 Improved the capability to join Active Directory domains.
LVI0164 Added a feature to implement full encrypted database backups for audits.
LVI0162 Added a feature to show the value of an IP object on the configuration page.
LVI0159 Slight user-friendly modifications to the PAC file generator interface.
LVI0157 Fixes a rights issue with Excel export.
LVI0156 Fixes a rights issue with device pairing.

Issues resolved in update 19 (released Oct 14 2006)

LVI0151 Fixes an issue with weekly/monthly usage emails.

Issues resolved in update 18 (released Sep 08 2006)

LVC0148 Fixes a kernel-level race condition that may cause the Guardian to freeze under rare network conditions.
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